3rd Annual International Conference on Brazilian Contemporary Music

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In 2016, the 3rd Annual International Conference on Brazilian Contemporary Music will be held in Campinas/SP, Brazil on March 16, 17, 18, and 19. Its third edition focuses on two of the most important living composers in Brazil: Ronaldo Miranda and Paulo Costa Lima.

The Conference Program presents new music performances and cutting-edge research on the development of compositional techniques and on the twentieth- and twenty-first-century music scenario in Brazil. It no only offers discussions on particular aspects of Brazilian prolific music gestures, but provides an opportunity to share insights on the intricacies and unparalleled development of world music today. Featured composers, Ronaldo Miranda and Paulo Costa Lima, are present during the entire Conference, providing a unique interaction between musicologists, musicians, composers and general public.

The 2nd Annual International Conference on Brazilian Contemporary Music attracted over 500 attendees from all over Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. The 3rd Conference in 2016 already involves participants from seven different states in Brazil, United States, Korea, and Switzerland. Come join us in a 4-day new music celebration!



  • March 16, 2016

Opening ceremony and Q&A with Ronaldo Miranda and Paulo Costa Lima:

The opening ceremony includes a recital with examples of each composer’s compositional style, followed by an open Q&A, in which researcher, musicians

and all participants have the chance to interact and discuss several aspects of contemporary music with the featured composers. 

Recital at the Centro Infantil Boldrini: Outreach concert at Latin America’s largest Treatment Facility for Children with Cancer.

  • March 17 and 18, 2016

Held at the State University of Campinas, the activities during these two days include Paper presentation, Round-table discussions, Performances, and Lecture-recitals, in which the featured composers comment their own works.

  • March 19, 2016

Closing ceremony and Concert with the Campinas Symphony Orchestra at the “José de Castro Mendes" Municipal Theater.



Paper Presentations

Dr. André Egg (Unespar/ Brazil)

Dr. Denise Pelusch (Boulder/CO, USA)

Gyovana Carneiro (UFG/ Brazil)

Dr. Maria Lúcia Pascoal(Unicamp/ Brazil)

Dr. Paulo Tiné (Unicamp/ Brazil)


Dr. Alexandre Zamith (Unicamp/ Brazil)

Dr. Carina Joly(Zürich, Switzerland)

Dr. Hyun Kim (MSU Denver/CO, USA)

Dr. Teresinha Prada (UFMT/Brazil)

Dr. Thais Nicolau (USA/Brazil)


For more information on previous editions, please see:

1st Annual International Conference on Contemporary Brazilian Music: Edmundo Villani-Côrtes and Ricardo Tacuchian

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